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Phantom Justice

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Phantom Justice
A Crime/Mystery/Suspense Novel
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When the Rule of Law makes a mockery of Justice, it is time to depose the King.

We are seeking a new, additional, definition for Crimes against Humanity. Whereby a person has proven to be a sociopathic or psychopathic killer of others against all mores of the public or individual welfare, we cannot afford to let such strain of humans survive, continuing to wreak their havoc among a peace-loving people. It seems that the very reasons claimed to cause their unrelenting crimes against humanity are, in present circumstances, used as excuses as to why these crimes are committed and for those reasons, we must feel sorry for them and/or permit them to use such arguments in our courts of law. We do not agree. The decease of such organisms must be eradicated as a virus infecting the host.

A Case Against Killer Tolerance
Used with permission of authors / Names withheld on request

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 Fiat justitia, ruat coelum

This would be fun. That little bitch thought she could fight him off but never had a chance. He was not the same guy from ten years ago she or any of them could ignore and the ether on the towel had done a quick job. These sluts had always ignored him when he was going to school, just because he was not one of those muscle boys with lots of money in their pockets. Fancy cars and not a worry in the world that their parents would not fix. Anyway, what the hell was she doing at one in the morning walking home, if that's where she was going? She smelled of booze and cheap perfume, acted like she was on some sort of drug and was probably looking for a quick lay. She sure was willing to go for a ride. These girls were hanging around all over town as if they had nothing else to do and the way they dressed was clearly an invitation to do more than dance. No problem, she was going to get an education, other than at her school. The last one he did had moaned all the way into the river and it had taken them three days to find her. Not that she would tell, her days of coming on to guys were over.

He would have to watch it. The one from four months ago had gotten away and he could not afford that again. After he had done her, he soaked the towel in ether as usual but somehow it had not been enough. He had left her, thinking she was down and out for good but on the morning news, she was all over the place. Good thing she never got to see his face and he had never taken off his gloves. Yeah, they got DNA but had nothing to match it to. Maybe it was time to blow this town. 

He reached for her short skirt to . . . a blinding flash of light ended his thought or any other thought he would ever have. There was little sound but a lot of blood sprayed from Danny's head all over the girl and she went hysterical. A dark figure now loomed over her, first throwing Danny's body to the side, then lifting her to her feet.

Policemans equipment

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