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The United States of America became the meadow that I discovered in my early youth and wholly embraced for its freedoms of expression of one's own views, its acceptance of personal differences, which had loomed so large in another society seemingly hell-bent on making its citizens conform to 'traditional' practices, however antiquated and mired in morasses of blind obedience to society's norms.

     No wonder then that I came to explore its freedoms by simply being different, which, all at once, came to be a personality trait to be admired, rather than belittled and berated. All at once, after a somewhat sputtering start, the failure became a success and, like so many others before me, an immigrant chasing his own pot of gold, became a working man in a strange land, but not so strange after all. An American.

     Today, the strange land is that which I left behind and I have become a stranger to those I used to know and cherish. I have come to understand why I have now also become an 'Ugly American' in their eyes, whose arrogance and pride in being an American overrides any and all attempts to derisively portray my country as a military bully, populated by undereducated citizens. Quick to forget, there is little thought that it was the Americans who pulled their behinds out of the fire of evil, genocide and brutality. Perhaps forgivable since, as usual, they didn't know.

     It has been said that writing can be considered an act of rebellion. I believe that 'coming home' was also such an act but now, under the very freedoms documented in the Constitution and its Amendments, I can feel free to think what I like and to speak what I think with no one even vaguely attempting to inhibit such activities other than to debate whether or not I have really said anything worthwhile.

     After a working career in international business and finance, I retired and now confine my activities to rebellious writing, seeking the echo of dreams long past and being what I love best: being an American rebel.

C Wolf Forrest

September 2007

I'm the one on the right. The cat's name is Noah.

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Past Business Experiences:

Hotel & Restaurant Industry
     (Germany and USA) 6 years
Construction Industry
     (Germany) 4 years
Sales, Large Equipment,
     (USA) 2 years
International Banking
     (USA and Japan) 20 years
     (Germany and UK) 5 years
Treasury Specialist 
     US Company (UK) 2 years
Foreign Transportation and Logistics
     (USA) 3 years
Law Enforcement, PD 
     (US-Cal) 6 years
Law Enforcement, State Humane Officer
     (US-Cal) 3 years
Chairman, California Humane Society & SPCA
     14 years

Associate of Science Degree - Honors
     (USA) 3 years
Bachelor of Science Degree , Finance & Bus.Admin.- Honors
     (USA) 3 years
Outstanding Business Student of the Year (USA)
Law Enforcement #1 Graduate of Academy Class

Yes, I know, this makes me 120 years old - don't ask.


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