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Writing could be considered an act of rebellion.

Welcome to my world of . . . well, it changes all the time. When I was working for remuneration (fancy word for money), every time I went looking for a job, I had to decide which of my three resumes I should be using. It seems that I have worked in many different industries and countries, but mostly in a business environment.

But now I am writing
(no fancy words applicable).

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For the last two years, I have been assisting a number of writers/authors with ideas and suggestions to market their writings, promote them and in designing authors' websites, as far as my talents allowed such endeavors.

This has brought me face-to-face with many of the difficulties authors face in the present publishing environment and I have clearly developed an empathy with aspiring writers and a desire to overcome obstacles in an effort to bring their thoughts and stories to market.

Surprisingly, I also discovered my own desire to write and to share and I now believe that this is simply a result of other writers making their influences work in a manner that they had not perhaps anticipated. Hence, my article on "Writers and Rebels" is, for me, a sort of introduction, clearly indicating that I have been infected with the "writing bug." For better or for worse, I have many writers on AuthorsDen to thank for that - I sincerely hope we will not all be very sorry!

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